Curriculum focus of Sports Funding spending

At Easterside Academy we aim to develop children’s ability to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

We aim for all pupils from an early age to participate and enjoy physical education as well as understanding the benefits that being active can have on their physical and mental health in order for them to lead healthy, active lifestyles now and in the future. We provide opportunities for children to be active outside of curriculum PE lessons through a range of active lessons, outdoor learning opportunities, after school clubs and active play times.

Number of pupils and sport funding grant received

Total number of pupils on roll: 352
Total amount of Sports Funding Received: Approx £18,520

Proposed Nature of Spend 2023 – 24

  • To continue membership of the Middlesbrough Sport Alliance.
  • To continue to work in partnership with Tees Valley Sport to ensure children are physically active throughout the school day.
  • Staff and children to recognise the importance of being physically active and raise activity levels both in and outside of school through collaboration with Creating Active Schools.
  • To improve the quality of PE sessions by developing teacher’s knowledge of and confidence to deliver progressive lessons where children are able to work at greater depth in PE.
  • For teachers to access a range of CPD opportunities to improve the quality of teaching and aid good progress.
  • To further develop teacher’s confidence to deliver active lessons in other curriculum subjects through subscription to Teach Active and annual Active Learning training.
  • Teachers to work alongside a gymnastics teacher for 6 sessions with their class.
  • Teachers to work alongside a dance coach for 6 sessions with their class.
  • To develop links with local clubs and access local sporting facilities.
  • To employ coaches to increase levels of activity during lunchtimes.
  • For children to take part in intra-school sports half-termly.  
  • To increase the number of pupils (KS1 and 2) attending and experiencing competitions.
  • To increase opportunities for SEND children to attend inclusive sporting events.
  • To support transport and entrance to competitions locally.
  • To provide resources and opportunities in order to offer an engaging and interesting School Sports Week and Sports Day.
  • To achieve the School Games Gold Award.
  • To continue to raise the profile of the School Games Values throughout school with an award presentation evening.
  • To develop the opportunities for PE within the wider school curriculum and other enrichment activities e.g. linking to topics, experiencing alternative sports and memorable physical activities/experiences.


PE & Sports Funding

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